Tuesday, September 2, 2014

iStopCloud - The only custom application to stop nude photos syncing to the iCloud

Prevent the iCloud hack that leaked nude photos of top celebrities including Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco, Leaha Michelle and Selena Gomez, to name a few using iStopCloud. Moreover, stop hackers who love to steal your telephone contact list with spam-able emails.

iStopCloud is the only app that monitors and allows you to start and stop iTunes, iCloud and Apple Services that are running on your Windows computer/laptop/tablet. This particularly important when using public WIFI in areas like airports or cafes, were your connection can be snooped.

With iStopCloud, you know for sure Apple syncing services are completely off. Thereby, preventing any 
future sensitive photo transfers or contact emails and phone numbers from being uploaded to the iCloud.

Note: You still have to turn off syncing photo from you iPhone (see below).

Turn iCloud features on or off from you Windows desktop is not straightforward

iCloud.exe runs 6 background processes and some still run when you close it. 

Those processes are constantly synching to the cloud without you knowing it! These are a few see below for more.

Turn iCloud features on or off from your Iphone is straightforward

On your iOS device’s Home screen, go to Settings > iCloud, then tap to turn on or off iCloud features.

Turn iCloud features on or off  on you desktop is easy now with IStopCloud

iStopCloud starts and stops iCloud, iTunes and Apple support services and all processes easily. Moreover, turn on/off Windows firewall for these as well as turn on/off your current internet connection.

Get iStopCloud for only $1.99, that's it.


  1. iStopCloud prevents any new photos and contacts to be synced to iCloud, without your permission. 
  2. iStopCloud can start/stop iTunes, iCloud and Apple services individually easily
  3. iStopCloud lists all of Apple services that you may not be aware of. There are many hidden sub-proceses and services that are running in the background.
     (and there are many sub-processes) that are running that has been installed by Apple software.
    If you have nude photos in the cloud already read below.
  4. iStopCloud can enable/disable firewall rules for iTunes, iCloud and Apple services individually easily
  5. Turn on/off your current internet connection easily. 


Download, unzip and run iStopCloud to monitor and kill all of iTunes, iCloud and Apple Services that are running on your computer. It's as easily 1,2,3.
In Figure 1 below, the main screen, you'll see a number of status indicators.

  • Green indicates that Apple programs and service are running or partially running. 
  • A full grey status indicator indicates no processes running for that program or service.
  • The yellow call-out boxes represent info that you'll see when hovering over that item.

    For example, the status indicator beside iCloud indicates a total of  7 processes, 2 ON and 5 OFF 

Figure 1: iStopCloud Main Window


Click 1, 2, 3 in Figure 1, until each status indicator remains grey.
You may have click the button a few times to kill the program and process completely.


Figure 2 below, with all the status indicator windows in grey, indicates you have completely killed iCloud, iTunes and all Apple services that run in the background.

Note: Services are registered with Windows and will restart when you restart you computer.

Figure 2: All Apple programs and services disabled

Now, iTunes, iCloud and Apple Service have been completely turn off on your Windows desktop.


  1. iStopCloud is also helpful for security in public WIFI places such as coffee shops or airports to prevent sniffing of your syncing data and location data (some of this is not encrypted).
  2. Behind corporate firewalls with no internet access for Apple services, it prevents annoying sync pop-ups that occurs for iCloud.


Download, unzip and run iStopCloud to monitor and kill all of iTunes, iCloud and Apple Services that are running on your computer. It's as easily as 1,2,3.


  • Download and unzip (free unzipper at http://www.7-zip.org/). 
  • Right-click runas Administrator. 
  • No install required. Requires .NET 4.0 (get it) which is built-in to windows. 
  • Supports 32 & 64 bit Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 9 (all versions).
  • Zip contains iStopCloud.exe,  or iStopCloud just rename it to iStopCloud.exe.
  • There is no bloatware, viruses or malware in this app.

Get it:

Get iStopCloud for only $1.99, that's all?

Sorry no refunds given. Once you download it, there is no way I can get it check that you have destroyed it. You can check my other apps here, this is not a 1 time thing.


Basically, 1 license for 1 install per Windows OS. For virtual machines (VM) this means you must have a separate license for each VM instance, and common its only $1.99.

Read the full license here for export laws, which bans the use in certain nefarious countries.


If you have existing naked photos online or sensitive contacts.

If you have those naked photos in the iCloud, you may not be able to remove them. They are in the backed up in the cloud and those happen over many servers and backed up to long term storage. 
Even if you attempt to follow Apples suggestion (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5125 "iCloud: How to delete photos from My Photo Stream") you are not guaranteed those photos are not floating around.  That above article also show how to turn of syncing you photos from your iPhone.

The best way to be 100% sure is to delete your iCloud account now and recreate it. BUT make sure you  transferred your purchase to a new iTunes account before doing the above. Talk to Apple to make sure you can do this.

Then use this iStopCloud app to monitor and kill Apple services at your control, especially if you have a laptop and are in Wifi hotspots or public places, which poses a security risk via snooping over the wire. Also, this stops annoying pop-ups of iCloud wanting to sync behind corporate firewalls. 

Full List of Apple Processes 

Here's a list of Apple processes registered by Kapersky's Firewall, some of which runs in the background. iStopCloud has targeted relevant ones. 

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